About SmokeRings™ - social app for smokers

Welcome to SmokeRings™

SmokeRings™ is a social app for smokers. Smoking for smokers is an one-in-a-kind activity that is a part of the most common and the most rare moments in our lives. More often than usual, we find ourselves socializing on the account of blowing out smoke. Apart of blowing out rings of smoke, you experience your virtual existence as a smoker.

How does it work?  Set your ‘smoke of choice’, tag your ‘SmokeRings buddies’ or none, choose your ‘smokery’, set your ‘smoking break time’ or (by a default) ‘now’ and add the ‘SmokeRing type’. SmokeRing it out!
*Please set your privacy settings. Just in case, smoking is a controversial activity in your surroundings.

SmokeRings what?
To time stamp your ‘touring’ smokingpalooza, to set your joint office ciggie-breaks, to blow some smoke rings out in the virtual world.

SmokeRings™ was created by smokers for smokers.

By joining SmokeRings™ you declare that you are over 18 and a smoker (please read our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy before joining in). SmokeRings™ does not patronize to encourage nor to preach for any ‘unhealthy’ or ‘risky’ activity/behaviour. SmokeRings™ is a virtual social networking application that designed for being used as yet another smoking accessory for those who are a part of the smoking culture all around the world.


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