SmokeRings in the Media

SmokeRings™ is a “Social Smokers Culture” App. Smoking, as a form of a sub-culture, collects within its branches a wide spectrum of personal interests and traits. A vast prism of cultures, art forms, social classes and status(es), professions, jobs, social activities and personal quality-time are all components of this peculiar subculture. This specific app is the virtual road at which all of these elements intersect.

We find it important to clarify that our aim in creating this app is leisure and was not created in order to promote nor encourage smoking. Our target audience is adults who are already smokers.

Once, not that long ago, the generation of entrepreneurs who swept us off our virtual feet were considered as “Underdogs” (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, Steve Jobs and etc.). We, on the other hand, emphasize on creating the nowadays’ underdogs privileged user experience, focusing on the “outcast”-ed activity/habit and its extended culture.
SmokeRings is a social identity- based application. (core concept: me as a smoker).

(Taken from Wiki: “In sociology, anthropology and cultural studies, a subculture is a group of people within a culture (whether distinct or hidden) which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong.” )

The smoking culture exists everywhere around the globe, intersects all societal layers interculturally. Nevertheless, it is mentioned in art as well; if in films, literature, songs, visual arts and if as inheritance of those who burn tobacco as a habitual thing.

And SmokeRings exists within the small details:

As in “smoke” breaks on different locations all around the globe.
SmokeRings presentation1

or as in:
smokerings presentation2

or as in: Places I blew smoke rings at:
smokerings presentation3

or as in smoking breaks with colleagues:
SmokeRings Presentation4

or as in major life events:
SmokeRings Presentation5

and as in so many more occasions when we momentary pause the ordinary routine and blow some smoke out.

Smoking is an integral part that is associated with our other social/personal activities as smokers, naturally.
SmokeRings gives smokers the platform to create shared-interest social circles, or as we like to refer them as “Smoke Rings”, as we interface with the users daily activity DATA and conducting a life-long companion app. We are managing to create an adaptive advertising platform to generate revenues on a user-friendly basis.

Currently we are developing an optimal activity + location based platform in a notion to later convert and customize the interface to other social “activities” and other doings that are part of the users daily routine. (coffee drinking, dog walking and etc.).